Top Home Renovation YouTube Channels

Best Home Renovation YouTube Channels

There are a variety of interior design channels on YouTube. Some are more focused on DIY projects, while others offer vlogs and beginner tips for plant parents.

One example is Home Repair Tutor, which covers all aspects of renovation and maintenance. It has videos on everything from plumbing repairs to curb appeal upgrades and even landscaping ideas.

HGTV Handmade

The HGTV Handmade YouTube channel features DIY and crafting projects that can brighten up any space. It also offers tours of inspiring homes and clever hacks for every room in the house. Its creators are flannel-loving craft bloggers and TikTok stars who love sharing quick and affordable projects.

While HGTV renovation shows are designed to look spontaneous, Betsy says it can take anywhere from three to eight months to shoot one hour of content. That’s because HGTV staff and contractors know exactly what’s in store for the homeowners and their budgets, as they are scouted and chosen ahead of time.

While it’s common to think that making it onto an HGTV show will get you a free home renovation, Betsy says the network only contributes construction funds to speed up and enhance renovations for television. That means homeowners have to pay for all other costs.

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